Mayor Marc Williams — Leadership and Vision for Arvada’s Future

Arvada has made amazing strides over the past couple of decades, and I am honored as Arvada’s mayor to have been part of that progress.

Since first being elected to City Council in 1999, and then as mayor in 2011, Arvada has achieved great things and reached major milestones. Arvada is an all-around great place to live, work and enjoy life. We have exceptional parks, trails, cultural facilities, shopping and dining. Arvada is a safe community, with a strong and respectful police force. We have three stations along RTD’s G Line, with great housing options that have been nationally recognized, making Arvada a model community for quality of life and suburban living.

Our City is a great place to find a job or start and grow a small business. And Arvada has become a widely recognized destination for shoppers, diners and visitors—creating a strong local economy and a fantastic brand for our City.

There is still more that we can do together to make Arvada an even greater community. And that is why I am running for re-election. I want our City to achieve its full potential—for our families, seniors, business owners and all those who call Arvada home. That is why I am asking Arvada to support my re-election and to continue our work together for Arvada.

Proven Leadership:

We have all heard the saying: All politics is local. As Arvada’s mayor, I have embraced that idea. Over the past two terms as mayor, I have worked to make our City accessible and accountable to our citizens. City Council meetings are a welcoming forum, where all community members have a voice in their local government. The City’s departments and staff are responsive to community members. At the City of Arvada, we accomplish the important tasks of local government for our community.

Arvada still has several challenges ahead—most notably housing, homelessness and transportation. Arvada has come far in addressing these critical needs, and Council and City administration have laid much of the groundwork to resolve these pivotal issues. The next four years are important for our community. We will work together to ensure success on these and other issues facing Arvada.

That’s is why I am running for re-election. Please join me.