I have been involved with City issues since I first came to Arvada in 1979. My initial involvement came through the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, where I served on the Government Affairs committee and eventually became President of the Chamber. We worked on a number of city issues, including job-creation efforts, the sign code, city processes, salary and benefit discussions—just to name a few. I was honored to be appointed in 1989 by the County Commissioners to serve as the Arvada representative to the Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees, and served as Chair of that Board. During my time on the Library Board, we built the Standley Lake Library, which enjoys exceptional usage to this day (including my latest granddaughter).

In 1999, I successfully ran for an at-Large seat on the City Council, and was re-elected two times. I served with two dynamic mayors—Ken Fellman and Bob Frie—and learned much from their leadership. Being Mayor is not something to be taken lightly—it is a lot of work, and serving on Council first really gives an individual the opportunity for on the job training and exposure to the issues that our City deals with daily.

In 2011, I was honored to be elected Mayor of this great City and was thrilled to be re-elected in 2015. Because there are many important issues still ongoing, and at the urging of many individuals, I am running for my third term this November.

It is frequently joked that I am the biggest cheerleader for Arvada, and I accept the role gladly. I help celebrate the ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings of every job-creation project that we have brought our way. I jump at the opportunity to visit our senior citizens in their assisted-living homes and have shared many a “Happy Birthday” with citizens celebrating their 100th birthdays. I relish my visits to our local schools to read children’s books or talk about civic involvement.

I am married to Luanne Williams, the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation and the Mother’s Milk Bank, which is located here in Arvada. I am so grateful to have a wife who shares my passion for civic involvement and politics. We enjoy the process and the debate, and share a common belief in the free-market system with responsible, limited government. We have four children and seven grandchildren who share our passion for hiking, reading, cooking and burning marshmallows over campfires. We enjoy our “down” time with many miles on our tandem bike, and golfing, hiking and traveling.